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About GPOX

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, GPO Plus, Inc. (OTC:GPOX) is a publicly traded global holding company of industry-specific Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). The main holdings are HealthGPO, a Group Purchasing Organization for the Healthcare industry, and cbdGPO, a Group Purchasing Organization for the CBD and Hemp industry.​

Our Core Values

Traditional GPOs don’t like our values, they think our attention to detail, adoption of technology, and our approach to extraordinary service is overkill… We disagree. We think overkill is underrated which is why we will continue disrupting industries and growing our company!

“We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to. And by commit, we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.”

– Tony Hsieh, Zappos

We are committed to our Core Values and they guide our business. They connect us, define us and inspire us. They were adopted not only to set the stage of GPOX but to hold all team members accountable to them. Many of our values are incorporated to help fulfill our idea of Self-Management.

At the core of our business is process. We believe a talented team with great processes leads to achievement. Our goal is to be the best we can be in all we do!

If you feel our values describe you, then we probably want you on our team!

1. Deliver Extraordinary Service

Always provide unsurpassed and sometimes unexpected service which exceeds all expectations from our Members. Never forget that our Members and suppliers are the lifeblood of our company.  Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight that they want to be treated the way we would want to be treated. Keep that in mind when working with them, they are only human after all.

Consumers have significantly changed their buying habits and are accustomed to Amazon (fast shipping), BestBuy (return anything policy), and Walmart (dirt cheap groceries, now delivered to you) business models. Consumers (our Members) now expect the same level of service and competitive transparent pricing from all companies they interact with.

We are a different kind of company; therefore, we have a different kind of service. We build GPOX standards and in doing so raise the industry standard.

2. Cultivate Entrepreneurial Spirit and Be Brave

Relentless execution from vision (ideas) to reality.

Entrepreneurial Spirit is an attitude and mindset that encompasses a unique approach to critical problem solving while identifying opportunities and taking advantage of them.

In business, change is the only constant and entrepreneurs should be able to adapt to the change as change brings new solutions, innovation, and better business processes. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to accomplish things the best way they feel they can and adapt and adjust to different situations. But above all, GPOX entrepreneurs sincerely care. We care about our work, our co-workers, our Members and our suppliers.

Entrepreneurship is written in our DNA. The commitment we make to our work is the source of our pride and the basis of our reputation. Passion, dedication and hard work towards advancing our purpose does not go unnoticed.

Be Brave. Bravery is a necessity for entrepreneurial spirit because bravery helps entrepreneurs work through opposition and failure and provides the courage to keep trying. Being brave enables you to question the status quo without fear. Have the courage and bravery to speak up, because we can’t hear what you are thinking!

3. Deliver on Commitments, Be Accountable and Have Pride

Own it! It is crucial to our culture that we are personally accountable and deliver on our commitments to our team and our Members. Co-workers depend on our follow through on commitments and Members trust us to adhere to our word. Accountability is more than just doing your job. Being accountable means taking responsibility for your actions and the actions of your team. We create and sustain a culture of accountability. When accountability is absent, our purpose is not being advanced and wasteful disorganization is prevalent.

Always take pride in everything you do and be the absolute best at it you can be. For example, if you are going to be an Account Executive, be the best damn Account Executive possible and do it better than everyone else. This value is deep-rooted in our culture. No matter how big or small a task is, approach it with the attitude that you will be the best at it and take pride while doing it!


4. Take Action, Take Chances and Fail Smart

Leaders take action and act selfless.

When opportunities present themselves, we take action. We’d rather make calculated mistakes than miss opportunities. Work smarter, not harder. Leaders lead by example, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and have the courage to do the right thing.

We celebrate leaders at all levels who take risks and provide solutions, not excuses. Leaders thrive and find meaning in their work. Our team has the highest level of dedication to their mission and they move with a purpose.

Not all failure is created equal! In order to succeed, you need to be open to failure. It’s ok to fail , but only if you learn from your mistakes. To fail smart, learn why you failed, take action on what you learned and share that knowledge with your co-workers. Failure is the byproduct of taking risks and experimentation.


5. Be Resourceful, Do More with Less and Keep It Simple

It’s amazing how far you can get when properly motivated and with a little cleverness. Be resourceful and lean by identifying and eliminating all wasteful activities and work habits, streamline services, and capitalize on technology. The true value of being lean is twofold; maximize value and minimize waste. We achieve this by being resourceful.

Keep it Simple, Simplify Everything.

We never stop finding ways to get things done, better and more efficiently. Everything we do should be simplified, as businesses run best if they are kept simple instead of complicated. Simplicity isn’t easy to achieve. Many people and companies struggle with simplicity. It takes a lot of hard work and revisioning to get ideas, services, and thoughts into a simple form. Simplicity is a key ingredient in everything we do. Take the confusion out and be efficient, this is the basis of our purpose.


6. Practice Teamwork and Collaboration

No one is as smart as all of us!

We believe that no one will be as successful alone as the team will be together. We work together collaboratively & selflessly. This is a team sport and all teams work closely together to make decisions and take actions based on what is best for our Members.

Collaborate openly, don’t take credit, give credit when credits are earned. Shape relationships built on trust with your teammates. We are all in this together and when we drop office politics and put the wellbeing of the company above our own, we will all succeed together! We take care of each other and treat co-workers like friends and family.

Strong regular collaboration helps unleash the potential in every team, plus, winning and success is contagious.


7. Do better and Innovate, Always!

We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection and the path to perfection never ends! Good enough is never enough because we can always do better. 

We constantly challenge ourselves to provide the best quality service while introducing disruptive products as we seek to solve industry wide problems.

We promote a culture of curiosity that embraces change and helps us drive innovation. Question everything and don’t allow yourself to get comfortable with process and products, always pursue a better way.


8. Integrity, Hyper Transparency and Over Compliance

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair.

We always default to honesty and are candid and transparent in all that we do. This authenticity allows us to inspire one another and makes our work more meaningful, interesting and fun.

Encouraging team members to openly share ideas is fundamental in establishing a culture based on Self-Management. We’re open minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans to broaden and further our purpose. When we disagree, we respectfully and constructively speak our minds, but trust in, and commit to, informed decisions. We know that ego prevents us from learning. We seek, accept and give feedback fearlessly to continue to grow personally and professionally. We depend on our team members to use their best judgement and do the right things the right way, always. 

We believe in over compliance and set our own standards with the highest level of requirements not because we have to, but because we want to. Therefore, we hold ourselves to much higher standards and internal compliance which exceed general compliance for the industries we are in.


9. Be a Good Steward of Our Environment and a Good Neighbor

GPOX has a goal of building sustainable GPOs with minimal environmental waste and impact. We encourage our suppliers to participate in recycling programs and our Members to be mindful of waste.

We believe in charity and we contribute any way we can to help our neighbors and our community. This included sponsoring programs aligned with our beliefs, political action to help others and volunteering for causes we believe in.


10. Have Fun!

You should work with a company you believe in that has a purpose you’re proud of. We believe the more passionate you are about your job, the less of a job it is. Work isn’t always work and nothing is “business as usual” when it comes to working at GPOX. In fact, the culture and atmosphere at GPOX is so fun and exciting that it’s hard to call it “work.”